Wednesday, 3 October 2012

2nd Post with new reflections

Assistive Technology gets one from the desert to enabling dreams!

Last week we explored iooks Author. I found it difficult because I was frustrated with the technology not working, thus I became lost with the applications (in the beginning). I moved to my laptop and it did not fail me :). When I caught up to the class I really enjoyed this worthwhile program. As a resource and classroom teacher I recognize many uses for this app:
  1. specific subject stories tool for compiling information
  2. Assessment of Learning books versus 'old fashion' pencil and paper tests
  3. Accessible means to communicate ideas for non-verbal or verbally delayed students, especially presentations.
  4. Teachers can use iBook for long term absent students to provide lessons on the topics missed
  5. Teachers can utilize iBook for unit introductions, thus providing the key components to what is going to be taught. This app aids auditory and visual learners at the same time.
  6. writing skills, with the key words pre-done.

I have added this link as a reference on how to make an ibook author - for those who like to read.

This is a video that mac users may watch and learn from on how to use iBook on a mac.

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