Sunday, 4 November 2012

Our Quest for Christian to be able to communicate

So on Wed. Oct. 10 we mapped out Christian's basic communication plan. On Wed. Oct. 17th we got to play, oops I mean work on Proloquo2go. I must say, it was fun to look up images to use in the various cell(s). :)

Reciprocity was my challenge and it is so important! I'm blogging this to firmly 'cement' this in my mind and to have a reference for when I have a student that requires this app. As I mentioned before there are several students who may, eventually, be on my caseload .and will most likely be using this app or an improved version.

Proloquo2go was very user friendly and it was easy to focus on Christian's communication versus the technology. Now that ipods and iPads are becoming so popular, seeing someone holding one is not abnormal, but becoming the norm - yeah for students/people who require it to communicate.

Working with Bill on this assignment demonstrated the need for a team approach. Having someone to 'bounce off'' ideas was very important. Also, it was crucial to have Bill to discuss what would motivate Christian and his communication partner(s) to utilize this app. I once worked with a student who exhibited frustration from the lack of ability to communicate, but unfortunately the home component (communication partner) did not participate with the modality provided - this is unfortunate.

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