Sunday, 4 November 2012

Proloquo2go from different perspectives

Assignment #1 Presentation Night

6 distinct presentations on 2 case studies - your choice. It was very interesting, well done and lots of information sharing! The best kind of presentations!

I enjoyed seeing skype used for one of the presentations. I have never had the opportunity to use this type of technology, but I assume that soon it will be the norm. Observing the differences, for two different studies, was very helpful and provided a lot of reflective material. For example, writing the whole sentence versus a word for the cell, the speed of the speech, voice chosen, different colours, size of cells, layers of folders and buttons. The explanations of why something was used and the ensuing discussions will aid me in the future to plan for students and their communication plans.

The added perk to this course night was exploring different book apps. I have used pictello to create a social story with a student with autism (high functioning) and it was easy to use and the student really enjoyed it. I liked how book writer could be viewed on so many technologies.

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