Sunday, 9 December 2012

Interesting Case Studies & A Class 'Trip' - all in one night!

Last week's class was very diverse: 3 case studies - one an elementary student, a high school student and an adult.
Darci, Emily and Stephanie all did a great job presenting their case studies.
Following details were the comments that 'jumped out' at me.

Darci’s Case Study
Mary Coffin:  excellent introduction of Mary and her profile

“I knew I wasn’t stupid, but no one was listening.” This comment made me think, how many students think this everyday?
In student centre to rest her eyes. I love the versatility that learning/student centres can provide for ALL students.
CamScan app is one she loves.
Uses pic collage in art class
Prefers to email and uses her phone to take pics of the board. Amazing how far she has come, in such a short time! Yeah Mary!

Her goal is to be more autonomous to prepare for university. It is wonderful that she recognizes this now, versus being in grade 12 and having to learn it quickly or delay starting university.
She has grown to be an optimal user.
Team training was the turning point.

Emily’s Case Study:
Grade 3 student
E loves art
Has avoidance strategies
Very self-sufficient with her iPod touch
Loves 1 on 1 with adults
Students love working with her, due to iPod
She requires guided access
Educreations – draw and record your words. iPad access only.
Free time: iDiary
Montessori  letter sounds

Stephanie’s Case Study:
Paul, 25 year old, residential  setting – epileptic, speech challenges
Has worked with him since 2005.
My video schedule
iBrainstorm, word Q
iword Q

All 3 were unique, but all 3 have gained independence from the use of technology.

The 'Class Trip' was fantastic! Observing the students explain and use the apps and senteos was a pleasure. I learned a lot, especially how to play rocket math. I plan on using that in my math class, after I receive a the connector cord that you attach to the iPad and LCD projector.

I agree with the facts listed in this link:
10 Big Benefits of Using iPads in Schools

This link provided a quick and interesting read:

Study Finds Benefits in Use of iPad as an Educational Tool

by K. Walsh on July 8, 2012

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