Sunday, 16 December 2012

The Last Night!

Tonight we heard the final case study presentations. Like last week a neat variety represented and very enjoyable - to see AT making a difference in our student's lives.

The following is a breakdown of the presentations and the comments, etc. that stood out for me:

Trisha’s Case Study: S
Thorough background and personality description
PaperPort – take a picture and tap, record and turns into text – you have to speak clearly and slowly.
iWordQ (co-writer/write out loud)
S has fantastic ideas, but struggles with the writing.
Raz – Kids – annual fee
Tumblebooks – annual fee (free thru Halifax library or Aspotogan website)
Loved her “Wow” – Those words/moments are what we teach for.
Motivation noted by classroom teacher

Francine’s Case Study:
Jack in grade 1
Non-verbal, global delay, shows signs of autism
Receives support from early intervention
On an IPP and has access to an iPad at school & home. Uses  Proloquo2go in both places: home and school.
Sign language was only being minimally used. Success was almost immediately – requesting a drink. I appreciated the ‘funny’ story.
Francine – you have done a wonderful thing – I hope you feel good – you should.
Hello coloured pencils

Janet’s Case Study
J is in grade 9, lacks social cues, ADHD and does not recognize social boundaries. In Fort McMurray was on a Vocational IPP. He struggles, but tries. He is now on a full IPP: life skills and social skills.
Has an iPod (schedule, he created himself), but he uses AT more at school.
iPad: iMovie, Pic Collage, pages
Computer: ixl math
Hunger Games iMovie was fabulous – that is so cool Janet and exciting. He was engaged and matched to his MPT – he had his moment to shine!
Heromaker for his mythology project.

Isaac’s Case Study:
“A” LOVES his swing (mid-tech). He is 13 and is diagnosed ASD. He has high sensory needs.
He dislikes using sign language. He uses an iPad, with a go talk program.  This is his voice! Backup is laminated social stories.
Many apps have been used and discarded.
He loves the Crayola stylus.
Tappie app – has worked out very well for him.
Music apps, playing…sands J, lullabies – calming apps
Interactive books with loud volume he enjoys.
Book creator – social stories
Comic Life – hard copy of social stories.
Communication is a goal in his IPP.
Isaac has a demanding job – kudos to you for the work that you do!

Traci’s Case Study:
Red group of 3 grade 1 students (LLI)
Magnetic ABC, Show Me
Low & Mid-tech tool: sand tray, stability balls, highlighting cards

MPT: iPad apps and stability balls (somewhat)
Recommendations: Jfit for stability balls, training on apps, wet, dry, try app (based on HWT program), touch right
Traci, I loved that you took on 3 students and saw success!

Scott’s Case Study:
Ziggy, a grade 5 student and has received support since grade 1.  In Jan. 2012 received a diagnosis of LD.
I agree with you completely Scott- thank heavens for technology for these students!
Puffin (free) enables raz-kids to be used on iPads.
Visual schedule has really fostered her independence.
Thank you for mentioning Pic Collage as a picture graphic organizer.
Paperport – speech to text
For independence re: social studies: Brittania for kids app.
Comic life, and Book Creator are apps that will be utilized more in her future.
Life Skill Apps: Lifsample and visual impact app (expensive).  Telling time, measure and handy cashier apps.

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